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Let's Talk 'Free Postage'

Let's talk about 'Free postage' the marvelous marketing tool used by all the big selling sites; eBay, Etsy, Amazon etc.   

Spoiler alert: postage is not free! Nobody has an account that gives them free postage to send their goods (unless delivering by hand themselves). Postage prices are also dicated by Royal Mail and couriers. 

Plain and simple, the postage price is added into the cost of the goods. So if you buy 2 items you are paying 2 lots of postage, if you buy 3 items you are paying 3 lots of postage on so on. This can get really expensive! 

So why are people still drawn to 'free postage' and even filter down to items with free postage? It's a psychological ploy which makes the customer think they are receiving something for nothing when as explained above they actually are not. It has been proven to change customer behaviour and entice them to buy and ultimately spend more which is a big win for business but at RosBec we feel is a little unethical. 

At RosBec we have clear and transparent postage costs (which you can view here) depending on the weight of the order and feel this is the fairest way. We do offer free postage on orders over £35 however as a little thank you for spending a larger amount with us.

Some small business choose to eat the postage cost out of their profits and if you are a small business reading this that does this - please stop! It gives customers unrealistic price expectations and ultimately drives your worth down.

Also have you ever wondered how someone can be selling something at £1 with free postage? These are called loss leaders, which is whole other blog post!

Personally I would prefer to pay one flat fee or just a little extra per item than a few lots of postage hidden in the cost.

What about you? Let us know in the comments!

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