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Rose gold cartilage chain earring stud
Rose gold cartilage chain earring stud 20g
Handmade rose gold chain earring

Original Helix Cartilage Chain Earring. 14K Rose Gold Filled

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The original cartilage chain earring available in a dainty rose gold.

This single earring is made on a 14k rose gold filled 3mm ball stud connected to a butterfly back with two14k rose gold filled chains which measure 3cm and 5cm.

The chain links are a tiny 1.5mm. A very dainty chain.

All parts of this earring are 14k rose gold filled.

Please choose which ear the earring is for.

Comes on a presentation card and in a grip seal bag

What is rose gold filled?
• Rose Gold filled is a layer of real rose gold heat bonded to a base metal in this case jewellers brass. It is made up of at least 1/20th of 14 carat gold.
• It won't fade, tarnish and it is suitable for those with metal allergies just as pure gold is.
• Not to be confused with rose gold plated which has 100 times less gold and will rub off and chip away.