Sterling Silver Cartilage Hoops

Sterling Silver Cartilage Hoops

Thinking of switching to a silver hoop for your cartilage piercing? Then look no further! Here I show you my top 5 best selling sterling silver seamless cartilage hoops.

1. Star Charm Sterling Silver Helix Cartilage Hoop

 This cute minimalist hoop is great for star lovers! With a tiny star charm wrapped on the hoop it is a firm favourite. Plus its available in 20g, 18g or 16g with a choice of 8mm or 10mm inside diameter. 

2. Rainbow Teal Bead Sterling Silver Cartilage Hoop

 The beads on this hoop are a gorgeous deep teal with a rainbow shine, perfect if you want to add a splash of colour to your ear. It's available in 20g or 18g and a choice of 8mm or 10mm inside diameter. It is also available in titanium too!

3. Small Sparkly Silver Bead Cartilage Hoop

 This is a dainty hoop with a hint of sparkle from the center bead. Perfect if you want to add just a little sparkle. It is available in 22g or 20g and the inside diameter choice of 8mm or 10mm. It can also be worn in the nose.  

4. Sterling Silver Conch Hoop

 Many people get bored of their stainless steel or titanium hoop and want to switch to a sterling silver one. As long as your piercing is fully healed then go ahead and take a look at this. It is available in 16g and either 10mm or 12mm inside diameter. There is also an 18g version here

5. Sterling Silver 20g Seamless Hoop

 Last but by no means least is the plain sterling silver seamless hoop. A staple hoop to add to your ear piercings from helix to lobe. These 20g hoops are available in inside diameter sizes 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm or 10mm. They can also be worn in the nose too!

I hope I have given you some ideas for your next jewellery change. Please note that sterling silver should only ever be inserted in to fully healed piercings. Unhealed piercings do not like sterling silver, your original jewellery should be worn until healed.



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