What is gold filled jewellery

What is 14K Gold Filled Jewellery? My journey to discovering this trend...

I started my jewellery making journey with silver plated materials then moved to stainless steel and sterling silver. I've always been a silver girl and I'll be honest, I was never keen on gold jewellery. 

I wanted to add a new range so I started looking into different materials. I had quite a few customers asking me if I made my earrings in gold. Time and time again I said - no! I was pretty set on only making what I liked! 

I overcame my stubbornness and the search began for gold. I wanted to find an alternative to gold plated as I want to produce quality jewellery that lasts. I spent what felt like a lifetime looking at different suppliers and different types of gold - learning, researching and absorbing as much information as I could find.

I discovered the main fact pretty quick -
solid gold is incredibly expensive! 









I went on to learn about the different carats (or karats) and their properties and this put me off even further. I began to look at buying 9ct gold. I then turned to my customer base. A lot of my customers reside in the US and they don't recognise 9ct gold like the UK does. The minimum carat is 10 with 14ct being the most popular.

After a bit more research I noticed on Etsy that mainly US shops sold gold filled jewellery. I had never heard of gold filled! It doesn't seem to be as common here in the UK. I began researching and I liked the sound of gold filled!

Here is a little visual I found which I think is great to show the differences between solid gold, gold filled and gold plated which I found whilst researching from Sit & Wonder







Here's what I learned about gold filled jewellery, in particular 14K:

  • It is real 14k gold heat bonded in layers over (usually) a brass core
  • To be classified as gold filled the amount of gold has to be 1/20th of the overall weight of the item
  • It will not lose it's colour or fade and with proper care it will last for years
  • Those with metal sensitivities can wear it like solid gold
  • It's a fantastic, affordable alternative to solid gold and in some cases more durable than 24ct gold

So that was that! It was decided that 14k gold filled would be my next collection. 

I found a reputable supplier within the UK and ordered all my components. When it came I instantly loved it! I can say I have been converted. It's such a lovely colour gold. Not dark yellow, orange or brassy - which is what I didn't like about gold.

Finally I can introduce the start of my 14k gold filled collection here: Gold Filled Collection

inspired handmade jewellery 14k gold filled jewellery

I plan to add more cartilage earrings plus bracelets and necklaces too!

What do you think of gold filled? Do you think you could be converted? Leave your comments in the section below!



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