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18g Sparkly Sterling Silver Cartilage Seamless Hoop

18g Sparkly Sterling Silver Cartilage Seamless Hoop

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18g 1mm thick sterling silver hoop for larger hole piercings. Twist to open and close. 

Available in:

8mm hoop - 6.5mm inside diameter with beads

10mm hoop - 8.5mm inside diameter with beads.

The center sparkly bead is 3mm. All the beads are sterling silver. The beads are wrapped on with sterling silver wire.

As the hoop is sterling silver it is slightly softer and easier to twist open and closed than other metals.

Please check this hoop with fit your intended piercing before purchase. Piercings must be fully healed before inserting sterling silver.

All hoops are sealed with a void sticker, if opened it can not be returned.

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